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D.Nd: Poisoned

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Wammy's House is an orphanage where rilliant orphans are gathered and trained to become copies of L, the greatest detective of the world. Living in a battlefield called everyday and trapped by his obsessive mind and his great intelligence, 14 years old boy whose allias is Mello struggles day after day to become number 1, always being surpassed by a boy who uses the name of Near.

Sep 09, 2015 • Ages 18+

Visual Novel Boy pursues Boy

Release 1.0

Release Date: Sep 09, 2015
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Engine: Ren'Py

Release 1.0

Release Date: Apr 02, 2015
Platforms: Mac OS X, Linux, Other
Engine: Ren'Py

Release 1.0

Release Date: Apr 09, 2004
Platforms: Windows
Engine: Other


DNd_Poisoned.rar (40.7 MB) -


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D.Nd: Poisoned  screenshot 3
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